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Sandis Ozolinsh

OZO bar

The OZO bar holds its place in the market as the first sports bar in the region of Jelgava. There are currently two separate rooms available for bar visitors, as well as a VIP area on the first floor, and an outdoor terrace. You can watch sports activities from the VIP area on the first floor and one of the indoor rooms, and enjoy a hot drink or two at the same time.

The premises are suited both for relaxing leisure and business conversations. Entrepreneurs whose children are practising in the hall will be able to continue their work conversations and electronic correspondence – for our clients’ convenience we offer free Wi-Fi internet connection.
We invite sports lovers to watch their favourite sports games (basketball, hockey, football, tennis) on television sets available in the bar, and to discuss them over a mug of “Valmiermuiža” beer or to try our exclusive offer – “Madona” unfiltered beer.

Visitors who are in a romantic mood will be able to have an undisturbed conversation while enjoying a heart-warming drink – the bar offers a wide variety of cocktails, strong alcoholic drinks and snacks.

After sports activities you can choose from our vast array or refreshing drinks and different types of coffee.

We invite you to visit us and enjoy and try everything yourself. All inhabitants of Ozolnieki Municipality and Jelgava, as well as all town guests are welcome to visit us. The premises are suited for family celebrations, events for children, and banquets. Two saunas are also available. You can combine your celebrations with active and fun leisure in the ice hall.

The OZO bar can be found at the centre of Ozolnieki Municipality, at Stadiona iela 5b.

Working hours:
P. 17:00–23:00
O. 17:00–23:00
T. 17:00–23:00
C. 17:00–23:00
P. 17:00–23:00
S. 12:00–
S. 13:00–

If you have any questions about reservations or other types of events you would like to organise at the OZO bar, please call +371 25725700.

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